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Cleaning methods and development of my business through the discovery of new cleaning systems is what I am constantly researching to continually develop my business knowledge and improve the cleaning I can offer- that is my motivation and how I came across this particular 100% Biodegradable Algae treatment system

I knew there had to be an alternative to power washing and something that would create the amazing results that this cleaning method does. Coupled with the consumer, becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of cleaning products and cleaning methods this product was developed because the bacteria, moulds, fungus and algae growing on the exterior of buildings, walls and driveways were more closely associated with an infection rather than a stain.

After working closely with a local commercial chemist, the developer Martin created a solution/product mix that cleans, sanitizes and achieves much better results, in a fraction of the time than the messy blowing and blasting of pressure/jet washing and steam-cleaning. I have tested the product and the results are truly amazing and the speed at which the newly developed system gets to work.  The solution and application process delivers maximum coverage, with faster and better results than any other cleaner. Quite clearly giving us the opportunity to lead the market with this innovative delivery system and green clean technology.

The satisfaction in dealing with delighted customers who literally watch years of built up dirt slip away in minutes is outstanding. Our objective is to get the very best results, we have professional staff who operate discreetly, quickly and quietly to ensure the end result is achieved with no inconvenience to our clients.

Mark Butterworth
Mark ButterworthManaging Director

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